About us

Modern Coaching from those who got there

Teens and parents are eager for a great coaching experience.

CoachU coaches work with teens to form a personalized plan to achieve their goals leveraging their intimate experience of their own process and centralized best practices.

And as a digital platform, CoachU has access to a larger, more diverse pool of coaches.

CoachU coaches build custom coaching plans while CoachU’s platform tracks progress and provides updates!

We want to inspire the next generation of college athletes
Inspire the next generation of athletes by connecting them to current student-athletes for personalized one-on-one coaching and mentoring

For teens, parents, and college athletes, CoachU is a win-win-win.

Teen Athletes

Teens get instant access to their dream coach.


Parents get visibility and peace of mind.

College Athletes

College athletes get a rewarding side gig.

Adapted to the Modern Teen

Find your coach today.

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