Support Aspiring Young Athletes

Earn more by doing what you love. Become a Coach.

Coaching is designed to play to your strengths and built on a platform that allows you to participate during the gaps in your busy schedule!

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I can just take out my phone while traveling to a game or between classes and make money while doing something I enjoy and am good at. It's really great to be able to make an impact and also get some work experience!

Anders, CoachU Coach

Steps to becoming a CoachU Coach


Contact us and schedule an introductory call where you'll learn more about CoachU. From there we'll do a quick "get to know you" call before moving on.


Complete training and compliance to make sure you're NIL compliant and know the ins-and-outs of CoachU. This will prepare you for coaching with us!

Start Earning!

Get paired with your customers and start earning cash while doing something you love. Commitments are minimal and flexible, yet impactful!

Our Coaches are:


Our Coaches JUST went through high school and can relate to their customers


Our Coaches have reached impressive heights and inspire their customers


Our Coaches are easy to reach through our digital platform


Our coaches provide honest, candid feedback and stories to help motivate their customers


Our Coaches bring their "A Game" every day


Our Coaches are their true selves, each is unique and provides their own practices

Does this sound like you?

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