How Do I Get A Coach?

Once your application is reviewed, getting paired up with a coach is a collaborative process. After getting baseline information from the athlete we present them with the best coaching options for their needs, goals and background.

How Do I Work with My Coach?

CoachU is a digital first product -- although we do try to match you with someone near by. You will have weekly touchpoints with your coach as well as access to unlimited messaging.

How Long Does CoachU Last?

CoachU is a month-to-month service. If for whatever reason you need to pause just let us know and we'll make sure we make things work for you.

What Updates are Provided to Parents

Parents are an important part of the process and are kept in the loop about all communications, meetings, goals, milestones, progress and more! Additionally, parents get access to monthly calls with their child's coach AND a CoachU representative.

Can you work with Other Coaches?

Yes! Absolutely. We know that there are many people that are important to the development of an athlete and we make sure they're all part of our process.

How Much Does CoachU Cost?

CoachU pricing depends on the coach and the services requested. All pricing will be paid on a monthly basis. No commitments beyond 1 month are required.
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